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Spin Print – Caring about our world

Spin Print cares – about print – about the environment – about you.

At Spin Print we take our responsibility to the environment extremely seriously. The printing industry has a less than spotless record for its environmental impact – especially as we know that 21% of corporate printed material never leaves the office.

Spin Print is committed to recommending paper manufactured from recycled pulp wherever possible and if the quality of the finished product will not directly impact on the product’s communication objectives. Where recycled paper cannot be used for reasons of price, quality, availability or technical requirements of the printing or finishing methodology, we will recommend an approved paper, which has been proven to give good value, and is manufactured from virgin pulp produced from renewable managed forests and is either PEFC or FSC approved.

We have a strong environmental policy:

We are 100% committed to reducing our impact on the environment. This is reinforced via innovative training, communication and constant re-appraisal of working methods